Welcome to the State DOT Portal to the International Stormwater BMP Database

The International Stormwater Best Management Practices Database (BMPDB) is a repository of BMP field studies and related web tools, performance summaries, and monitoring guidance. The State BMP portal (Portal) is a web tool that provides streamlined access to BMP study data and performance statistics that are relevant to state DOTs and other transportation agencies. The Portal is intended to provide transportation agencies with information that can support planning and designing stormwater control measures that can effectively meet regulatory requirements and level of service goals. The Portal and the underlying BMPDB are continual works in progress and will continue to improve as more transportation-related data and features are added. Currently, BMP performance studies for transportation relevant sites (e.g., highways, maintenance stations, service plaza, rest areas) and transportation-related metadata, such as average annual daily traffic (AADT), are limited. As such, queries of the database using the filters provided in the DOT Portal may not result in sufficient data to generate summary statistics or draw meaningful conclusions. If you have questions or comments about the BMPDB or DOT Portal, please submit inquiries here. If interested in contributing data to the BMPDB, please click here.